7 Dog-Friendly Patios in Monterey Bay


Looking for places to hang out with your pooch in Monterey Bay? Here are a couple of top spots!

Those who own and take care of man’s best four-legged friend can usually agree on one thing: Sometimes it’s hard to find dog-friendly places to hang out! Fortunately, for those living in or visiting the Monterey Bay, we’re a pretty dog-friendly community with almost too many options to choose from! If you’re on the hunt for food, wine, beer, or even ice cream, here are a few notable dog-friendly locations you should totally check out!

Revival Ice Cream

Ah, what better activity is there than hanging out on a dog-friendly patio and enjoying a made-from-scratch ice cream cone? Well, you could always hang out with us at Revival Ice Cream on our Old Monterey Food Tour, but if you’re looking for a day out with your pooch, we always recommend coming here, too! Although you’ll have to send someone inside to order for you (or have someone wait outside with the dog), we’re sure your furry friend would forgive you if you gave them a little taste of whatever you get. They’ll even send you out the door with a little treat for your pup! Feel free to read up on how they make their ice cream before you go!

Alvarado Street Brewery

Alvarado Street Brewery may just be the master of dog hangouts in downtown Monterey. They have not only one, but two dog-friendly patios to hang out with Fido and drink beer to your heart’s content. There’s a small patio by the front entrance, and the beer garden out back. Yes, that’s right, a beer garden that also moonlights as a dog park. What better place to kick off your shoes after a long day at work (metaphorically, of course) and let your dogs socialize while you live up to the ASB motto: “Drink beer, burp hops”? We also have reason to believe it’s one of the best breweries in the area, so there’s always that, too.

Terry’s Lounge at the Cypress Inn

If you haven’t been down the road to Carmel recently and aren’t sure where to go with your pup, give this place a try. Did you know Carmel, is rated the #1 dog friendly town in America? One spot we love hanging out with our furry friend is Terry’s Lounge at the Cypress Inn. Guests of the hotel can enjoy breakfast, but the restaurant is mainly open for lunch and dinner. If you need someone to come with you (so your dog can have a friend, that is), we’re always down for some chicken picata or truffle-mushroom ravioli, so let us know!

Happy Girl Kitchen

Although you can always enjoy Happy Girl Kitchen products on our Old Monterey Food Tour, we always encourage people to go and see the spot for themselves! This vegetarian restaurant and cafe has some pretty unbeatable, locally-sourced, organic, and fresh options — all of which you can enjoy on an outdoor patio with your pup! They’re one of the best vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants in the area, and we love featuring their products on our tours! Additionally, if HBO blesses us with another season of Big Little Lies, you might also be lucky enough to catch Reese Witherspoon on one of her visits here. Word on the street is she loves it here as much as your dog will!

Paluca Trattoria

Another of our favorites from the Old Monterey Food Tour, Paluca Trattoria also has something to offer dog lovers — a patio! What better place to sit by the ocean and take in all of the harbor sights and sounds than right at the mouth of the wharf? We admit, sometimes we look for any excuse we can to head over to Paluca, but we’re sure you’ll understand as soon as you try it out for yourself! Glass of prosecco while scratching the dog behind the ears and hanging out with the family? Sign us up, please.

Also, feel free to read more about the incredible owners, Sal and Ashley Todesco, here.

Yeast of Eden

Calling all sours fans! Yeast of Eden’s mixed fermentation specialty drafts up a solid list of sour choices to satisfy all of your cravings. If you’re not a big sour fan (like me), that’s okay, too! There’s still hop-forward IPAs, malt-strong stouts and ambers, and golden-tasting lagers and pilsners to choose from, as well. They brew the majority of the beers on-site, right behind the bar. The taps are always changing, so there’s always something new to try!

The best part, of course, is enjoying all of this with man’s best friend hanging out on the patio with you.

Another bonus here — you can find the mighty Monterey Bay Food Tours blogger, yours truly, behind the bar, pouring all of these tasty beers and mixing all the fancy drinks while I admire your dog from afar!

Fieldwork Brewery

Okay, fine, we admit, we notice there’s a little theme with “beer” and “dog-friendly patios” here, but it’s not our fault breweries are so dog-accessible! Fieldwork Brewery, though, has another special place in our heart, as you can enjoy them with us on our Old Monterey Food Tour (without the dogs, unfortunately. Not everyone on the tour has dog-friendly spaces!) We like the rotating taps found at Fieldwork Brewery, and it also helps that the patio is attached to another of our favorite things — a coffee shop. Oscillate between caffeine and alcohol next to a fire pit while your dog soaks up the sun and outdoor energies. Sounds like a day created from heaven, if you ask us.

Bonus: Comanche Cellars

It’s no secret we love Comanche Cellars. The bad news here is, there’s no patio where you can hang out with your dog. The good news, however, is that you can bring your furry friend inside with you! We never pass up an opportunity to come to Comanche, and our visits are even better when we can bring our best friends with us! If the Dog & Pony label doesn’t reveal the love the winemaker, Michael Simons, has for dogs, just bring yours in (or check out their Instagram) and see how much love it gets! This is another location you can experience on our Old Monterey Food Tour, and you can also read more about their wine production here.

Casey’s son and dog hanging out at Comanche Cellars’ one year tasting room anniversary party.   @comanchecellars / via Instagram.com

Casey’s son and dog hanging out at Comanche Cellars’ one year tasting room anniversary party.

@comanchecellars / via Instagram.com


Have you hung out with your dog at any of these spots? Which one’s your favorite? What other ones do you like? Let us know in the comments below!


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