6 Unbeatable Breweries Monterey Bay Has to Offer


Looking to relax and cool off with a good beer in the Monterey Bay?

We’ve let you know about the best whiskey drinks in town, but where can you go for everybody’s favorite alcoholic carbonated drink?

Breweries, like wine tasting rooms, seem to crop up every other day in the Monterey area, but which ones are the best?

Hop on into the summer at one of the following breweries, and we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Photo courtesy of Alvarado Street Brewery

Photo courtesy of Alvarado Street Brewery


Alvarado Street Brewery

Alvarado Street Brewery has spent the last couple of years exploding into one of Monterey’s most popular (if not the most popular) breweries.

Hang outside in the beer garden to enjoy their selections of tap beers, and spend your happiest hours with them.

They’re always experimenting with different beers and flavors, but you can never go wrong with a Mai Tai Pale Ale, which is a three-time Great American Beer Festival winner. It’s a “tropical” pale ale, but it isn’t as bitter as pale ales can be.

Plus, Alvarado Street Brewery is one of the two locations on this list that also offers a full food menu, as well.


Fieldwork Brewing Company

Fieldwork Brewing Company is an outdoor service located outside of the Peet’s Coffee in downtown Monterey. Although the brewery’s headquarters are in Berkeley, we have a special place in our hearts for Fieldwork — They’re on our Old Monterey Tour!

Here, on tour, you can enjoy pizza from Heirloom Pizza on the outdoor patio while tasting their variety of beers. The best part? The pizza is personally delivered on a bike from Green Pedal Couriers.

If you come here on your own, there’s still ample beers to choose from — we’re partial to the “Outdoor” beer that’s specifically brewed with the intent of being enjoyed, well, outside, like the brewery is.

Photo courtesy of Elkhorn Slough Brewing Company

Photo courtesy of Elkhorn Slough Brewing Company


Elkhorn Slough Brewing Company

Okay, okay, we admit that this one comes with a bit of a drive in comparison to the others — but it’s totally worth it.

Elkhorn Slough Brewing Company is an alien-themed brewery that has a plethora of comfortable couch seating and table space to enjoy their options of brew.

If you’re lucky enough to catch them during the Strawberry Festival in Watsonville in August, try out their Strawberry Ale. Otherwise, if you’re a bourbon fan, try out the Quad Runner, which is a dark Belgian beer barrel-aged in bourbon.

Just make sure to plan accordingly for the drive home.

Photo courtesy of Peter B’s Brewpub

Photo courtesy of Peter B’s Brewpub


Peter B’s Brewpub

A Downtown Monterey classic!

Peter B’s is located in the Portola Hotel and Spa at the end of Alvarado Street, and it’s been a go-to spot for years.

If you’re lucky, you’ll catch them when they have a batch of their peach beer ready to go. It’s brewed with the peach rings candy, and taste just like the gummy.

Their beer list is always changing, but this is the second (and last) of locations on this list that also serve a full menu.

Another thing to note here — you can buy a growler to take home, and you can also use it to refill all of your needs from both Alvarado Street Brewery and Fieldworks, too!

Photo courtesy of Dust Bowl Brewing Company

Photo courtesy of Dust Bowl Brewing Company


Dust Bowl Brewing Company

The newest brewery in town, Dust Bowl Brewing Company has finally come after much anticipation.

Here, you can enjoy crazy amounts of space either indoors or outdoors.

There are couches and armchairs inside to lounge around in, and the outdoor area has fire pits and a grassy area to toss around bean bags.

Here, we recommend the Dirty 30’s brew — a citrusy, tropic, pine-flavored pale ale that goes down way too easily.

Photo courtesy of Ratel Cider

Photo courtesy of Ratel Cider


Ratel Cider

Although there’s no physical location for Ratel Cider (and although it’s cider, not beer), we also have a special place in our hearts for what they produce.

As with Fieldwork, you can enjoy cider from Ratel on our Old Monterey Tour when we drop off at the Melville Tavern.

Although they don’t have a physical location (yet), you can find their cider sprinkled throughout the entire bay — including the aquarium!

Have you tried any of these breweries? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!