Tour Partners


Partner Testimonials

We’ve developed a great partnership with Monterey Bay Food Tours and their dedication to their partners and customers is evident in all aspects of their business. We appreciate the fact they are able to bring attention to our restaurant in a way that supports future potential business. Casey and her team are always timely and professional. We’d highly recommend local businesses interested in broadening their marketing efforts to join the tour!

— Sal & Ashley Tedesco, Owners, Paluca Trattoria
MBFT has been a great addition to our marketing efforts. Guests are enthusiastic and engaged. In two words: Profitable! Fun!
— Dorothy Stonely, Director, Venture Gallery
We at Bakai Wine + Tapas are so grateful to be among the MBFT, partnering with Casey has brought an element of surprise each time we host a group, we appreciate all that she does! The tour is of great joy and a wonderful addition to the list of activities for locals and tourists alike... What a great way to enjoy the tastes of Monterey while discovering history along the way. Thank you for the support, salud to Casey!
— Terese Ortiz, Manager, Bakai Wine & Tapas
We love working with Casey and the entire Monterey Bay Food Tours staff. The tours offer guests a fantastic and fun way to experience a lot of what Monterey has to offer. We are very proud to be apart of such a first-class organization.
— Colin Ling, Owner, Melville Tavern