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7 Dog-Friendly Patios in Monterey Bay

Those who own and take care of man’s best four-legged friend can usually agree on one thing: Sometimes it’s hard to find dog-friendly places to hang out! Fortunately, for those living in or visiting the Monterey Bay, we’re a pretty dog-friendly community with almost too many options to choose from! If you’re on the hunt for food, wine, beer, or even ice cream, here’s a few notable dog-friendly locations you should totally check out!

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6 California Firsts You Can Find in Monterey

Monterey, like many of the cities in California, has a lot of history many people overlook. From its original days as a port city in Mexico to being the backdrop of one of HBO’s biggest shows, we here at the Monterey Bay Food Tours wanted to share a couple of California firsts that Monterey gets to claim. Even better, we take you through a few of them on our Old Monterey Food Tour, so if you’re hungry, come check some of these out with us!

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6 Eateries Offering Gluten Free, Vegetarian, and/or Vegan Dishes in Monterey

If you’ve been on our Old Monterey Food Tour, you’ll know we try to do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences. We know it can be difficult to pin down good food for those following a gluten sensitive, vegetarian, or vegan diet, so we thought we’d share some of our favorite spots around town to grub down on food that fits those dietary needs.

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How to Eat Like a Big Little Lies Star

We don’t know about you, but here at the Monterey Bay Food Tours, we’re super excited about season 2 of Big Little Lies! The show has done a lot for the community in general, and a lot of our local businesses were either featured in season 2 or supplied products for the cast!

On top of that, we’re honored to partner with a few of them!

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