8 Businesses That Offer Military Discounts in the Monterey Bay


Do you currently serve in our military? Check out these places in the Monterey Bay that offer military discounts!

Monterey Bay has a rich history with our military. From the use of Fort Ord as an Army base from World War II to the mid 90s, to the Naval Postgraduate School located on the historic Hotel Del Monte property, and the Defense Language Institute on the Presidio overlooking the bay, it’s only fitting that local businesses offer discounts to our active duty service members. Here’s a few of our favorite choices:

Monterey Bay Aquarium

As if we need any other reason to recommend visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium, we can’t forget to include them in local businesses that include a military discount! Active and retired military members, as well as their family members and dependents, pay $41.95 for adult admissions (down from the normal $49.95.) They also have a list of bases (see them here) where tickets can be purchased. At those locations, tickets can also be purchased for friends as well as family and dependents.

The Wine Experience

The Wine Experience is not just a tasting room, but a place where you can create your own wine blends! Try them out with one of our private and custom tours, and if you love them as much as we do, they offer an everyday military discount of 15%. We want to try some of your blends!

Yama Sushi

Anyone out there a fan of sushi? Especially for those who live on or near coastal cities, sushi and seafood are high on the popularity list. Those involved in the military can enjoy 10% off their meal over at Yama Sushi in the Del Monte Center. While you’re there, if you’re in the mood for a dinner and movie date night, head on over to Century Cinemas to enjoy your discount there, too.

Comanche Cellars

Next up on our military-friendly wine stops, head on over to Comanche Cellars for 10% off with valid military ID. We’ve learned so much about the art of making wine from them, and we love stopping there on our weekend Old Monterey Food Tours!

Monterey Touring Vehicles

You’re always sure to ride around in style whenever you use Monterey Touring Vehicles. While we love cruising around with them on our private tours, members of our military can also enjoy 15% off whenever they rent cars on their own. Have any family or friends coming into town? What a better way to show them the best spots than in the coolest cars?

Jack’s Monterey

Sometimes Jack’s Monterey goes a little hidden inside of the Portola Hotel, but it might behoove you to make sure you check it out! A lot of people check out the sister restaurant, Monterey’s first brewery Peter B’s, but Jacks is a little more quiet and sophisticated. Those with a military ID can also enjoy 15% off food, so what’s not to love about that?

Epsilon Fine Greek Restaurant

We could live off of the baklava at Epsilon Restaurant, even though we know that wouldn’t be healthy. Fortunately, there’s also plenty of other delectable Greek dishes to choose from, and we love showing some of them off on our Old Monterey Food Tour. Epsilon also has an awesome dinner menu that’s a little different than the lunch, and we’re getting really pumped that those on our Haunted Monterey Food Tour will get to see that, too. Those with a military ID get 10% off here, and we seriously think it’s worth it for the baklava alone.

Puma Road at Portola Plaza

Puma Road at Portola Plaza is one of our newest tour partners, and we’re excited to show them off during our Haunted Monterey Food Tour! Military members with valid ID receive 15% off bottles, so stop by for a sip when you’re out in downtown Monterey sometime. Perhaps before or after you head into Jacks?

Bonus #1: Monterey Bay Food Tours

That’s right, we offer a military discount at the Monterey Bay Food Tours! We appreciate all members of our military, as well as our law enforcement and first responders. So, if you fall under one of those categories and are interested in joining us for a food tour, please use the code MLEFR15 for 15% at checkout!

Please note, we cannot combine this with any other offer, and you must show proper ID when you show up for your tour. We look forward to showing you around!

Bonus #2: Chili’s — Veteran’s Day

Okay, we admit this is a strange one for us to include, as we usually shy away from corporate entities in lieu of local businesses. However, that being said, for this particular post, we thought it was just fitting to mention that every year, on Veteran’s Day, Chili’s offers free meals to active and retired members of the military. As with every other location on this list (bonus and otherwise), just be sure to have your ID ready.

Bonus #3: Revival Ice Cream

It’s never a bad day for a good scoop of ice cream, and Revival Ice Cream always hits the spot. If you’ve got a military ID on you, get 5% off your next order. They change their flavors frequently, so every visit should have something brand new!

Bonus #4: Sushi Fly

Sake bombs anyone? It’s always a party at Sushi Fly, from the disco ball on the ceiling to the sake bombs that seem to flow throughout the night! But drinks aside, we can’t get enough of their amazing sushi. Two of our favorites are the Scallop Flower and the Hamachi Kama. Be sure to ask for the Hamachi Kama (grilled yellow tail collar) as it’s not on the menu; it will melt in your mouth. Sushi Fly offers a 10% discount to our military.


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