Private Tours & Custom Food Events

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If You Can Dream It, We Can Do It

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Let us arrange a tour with 3-4 stops at historical landmarks or venues, walking through history from one location to the other as our partners showcase their finest cuisines. We can also arrange to work with restaurants of your choice. Our tours can be self-guided with food experts at each site or guides can walk guests to each location. Live music, food demonstrations, or other entertainment can also be arranged.

We got you.

Want to cruise around in a DeLorean (yes, you read that right) along the California coast as the sun sets over the horizon? How about a picnic set up out at Lover’s Point, a location filmed in season 2 of HBO’s Big Little Lies? Or how about hanging out in the coffee shop filmed from season 1? (Hint: The chef on the left pictured above owns the place.)

We also offer custom food experiences within one venue. The size of the group for this experience is limited to what the venue can accommodate. We will book multiple food and drink vendors and arrange entertainment from food demonstrations to music.

Anything you want to do, we’ll arrange for you.

Here at Monterey Bay Food Tours, we’re here to customize all of your needs for any private function you’re hosting. While you can always follow along a personalized version of the tours we already offer, why not stop at the oldest tobacco shop in California to browse cigars, local wines, scotches, and beers instead? Or how about shutting down a tasting room and creating your own wine?

Check out our list of Tour Partners to get an idea of possible places you can visit, all of the people you can meet, and get a brief idea of what you can do. After that, if you can dream it, we can do it.