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Get a Taste of Ghostly Flavor at These 6 Haunted Monterey Bay Locations

There’s a time and place to be scared, and October brings out everyone’s desire for the strange and unexplained. If you love Halloween and some good ghost stories, what better place to enjoy some haunted history than the famous Monterey Bay? A lot of people — including those who have lived here all their lives — haven’t the faintest idea what the history of the bay is like, nor about the ghosts said to hang around the streets after dark. While it would take a book the size of a dictionary to discuss every ghostly sighting in Monterey’s 250-year history, in preparation of our upcoming Haunted Monterey Food Tour, we wanted to highlight a few places (especially some we’re not physically visiting) that are said to occasionally go bump in the night.

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8 Businesses That Offer Military Discounts in the Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay has a rich history with our military. From the use of Fort Ord as an Army base from World War II to the mid 90s, to the Naval Postgraduate School located on the historic Hotel Del Monte property, and the Defense Language Institute on the Presidio overlooking the bay, it’s only fitting that local businesses offer discounts to our active duty service members. Here’s a few of our favorite choices.

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