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Satisfy Your Caffeine Cravings at These 6 Monterey Bay Cafes

We all have that craving for a good coffee every so often, but not all of us think Starbucks makes the best in the business! Although Monterey is known more for our food than our coffee, and even though we already covered seven other coffee shops in downtown, we thought we’d stretch it across the bay a little and show you what else you can find!

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5 Savory Monterey Bay Brunch Hot Spots to Satisfy Every Breakfast Lover

Everyone knows Monterey, California, thrives on the hospitality industry. With the majority of our business coming from tourism, visitors and locals alike will find restaurant after restaurant down basically any street. You could always join us on our Old Monterey Food Tour to check out some great spots downtown, but some people are more into breakfast than lunch. Outside some of the great restaurants we feature on all of our tours, we wanted to take a moment and shout out a couple of other great spots you can find in the surroundings areas.

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