Satisfy Your Caffeine Cravings at These 6 Monterey Bay Cafes


When the caffeine craving hits, these coffee shops in the Monterey area are guaranteed to hit the spot.

A smooth whiff of a freshly-brewed dark roast sails down a crowded street and makes itself comfortable inside your nose. You stop and search for the source, only to find yourself lost in a sea of coffee options, and any could be the culprit.

We all have that craving for a good coffee every so often, but not all of us think Starbucks makes the best in the business! Although Monterey is known more for our food than our coffee, and even though we already covered seven other coffee shops in downtown, we thought we’d stretch it across the bay a little and show you what else you can find!

Coffee Mia Brew Bar & Cafe — Marina, California

Let some Italian flair get you up and going in the morning (or pick you up in the afternoon) over at Coffee Mia. Located in the Marina shopping square across from the Lucky’s, this family-owned cafe has seen some of the most success around the area. One of the things we love so much is their selection! From breakfast to paninis, soups and salads to house-made desserts, there’s so much more than just coffee here! You can expect to see me with a croque madame or one of their eggs Benedict creations (including one with a pork belly from Baker’s Bacon) and a white mocha if we bump into each other. Also, go in a couple of times and see how long it takes Horace to remember your name.

Counterpoint Coffee — Seaside, California

Among Seaside’s newest, Counterpoint Coffee is part wine-and-beer bar, part library, and part pick-me-up. The moment you walk through the front door, somehow all of your stress and worries stay out on the street. The atmosphere here alone is well worth checking out — especially if someone’s in the music studio creating magic. The comfortable lounge seating and laid-back atmosphere makes this an ideal place to study, or even read one of the books on the shelves. If you’re a fan of chess, there’s also a chessboard and a few other board games to choose from, so bring your friends, pick your brew, and kick it.

Acme Coffee Roasting — Seaside, California

From a humble beginning roasting coffee in a back alley of Seaside in 2004 to a full-fledged coffee shop operation 2019, Acme Coffee has seen its fair share of growth over the years. As one of the few shops that roasts their own coffee in the area, we think they deserve it! Come try it for yourself, and if you like what they roast, you can even sign up for a membership and have their coffee delivered to your front door either once or twice a month! This is definitely a specialty coffee place and you won’t be able to find the things on their menu anywhere else.

Water and Leaves — Monterey, California

Coffee with a view anybody? We certainly don’t need many excuses to sit on top of the ocean and catch up with friends over a cup of joe, and Water and Leaves is one of the most ideal places to do just that. From their latte art, carefully steeped teas, and honeys on tap (yes you read that right), we know we’ll be cozying up here on a cloudy day to warm up this coming winter. We’re also all about oat milk in our coffee, so we thank them for being another location that offers that!

Crema — Pacific Grove, California

We may have mentioned Crema as a great choice for brunch (and mimosas), but that’s the upstairs. If you’re just passing through Pacific Grove or walking around the captivating downtown area and see this historic Victorian, don’t pass it up! Even if you’ve been to the restaurant before, drop by downstairs and check out their espresso bar. It might be packed (unless you’re lucky), but it’s definitely worth the wait. There’s a reason they’re a PG favorite, and we encourage you to see what the fuss is all about.

Stationæry — Carmel, California

While technically Stationæry hails as a “favorite neighborhood restaurant,” they also serve specialty coffee (like the rose latte pictured) that we just love. Come here for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, coffee, or anything in between! We also promise not to judge you if you moved on to the wine section after you’ve had your caffeine fix ;). You all know how much we love our wine!

Where are some of your favorite coffee shops to visit in Monterey and its surrounding towns? The list is endless, so share some tips with us as to where else we should go in the comments!