Monterey County Film Commission Hosting 'Big Little Lies 2' Red Carpet Premiere

It’s no secret that a show about some pretty Big Little Lies has taken the world by storm — and put Monterey Bay back on the map as a go-to vacation spot. Filming from the first season brought in an estimated $2.5 million in revenue to the Monterey County, roughly $3.7 million from the second, and tourism has also seen an increase from travelers wanting to see the town for themselves.

Season one may have been full of twists and turns, but season two looks even bigger, better, and far more scandalous:

Monterey County residents, or anybody visiting during the June 9th weekend, can enjoy an all-access premiere experience to celebrate the show!

We here at the Monterey Bay Food Tours are fortunate to partner with some local businesses who were lucky enough to be featured in the show, and the Monterey County Film Commission is hosting a red carpet premiere party!

How to turn June 9 into ‘Big Little Lies’ day

Start your morning off with some food and wine by joining us on our Old Monterey food tour, where our journey takes us to none other than Paluca Trattoria.

Name not striking a bell? How about this table?

BLL Table.jpg

That’s right, take your chance to sit at the very table where the ladies of the Monterey 5 sit down and sip their coffee while they spill their tea. Don’t sleep on this chance, either! Tours max out at 12 participants, and weekend tours book fast.

Apart from eating and drinking, learn some facts about the city that has taken the world by storm, see the difference between the TV screen and reality, and eat some good local food (some of which might even appear in season 2!) Along the way, you can spend time in some of the same local spots the cast frequented while they were filming, and whet your appetite for the events to come at night.

BLL-Flyer final 5-17-19.jpg

When and where is the premiere?

Starting at 4:30 p.m., the doors to the Monterey Convention Center will open, and then the party starts. According to the official press release from the Monterey County Film Commission, “The event will include big little bites and ‘big little libations’ from local sponsor restaurants and vintners.” Another excuse to drink some wine? We’ll take it.

On top of that, there will be the red carpet to take some envy-inducing selfies, a silent auction, and the chance to mingle with the extras and business owners who were involved in the show!

Who can go?


Or, more specifically, anybody with $78 to drop on a ticket. Act fast, though! That price goes up to $85 after June 1. Tickets include food, drink, and access to the exclusive local premiere at 6 p.m. You can make your purchases online at

The event is hosted by the non-profit Monterey County Film Commission, and the fundraising celebration is a great way for the community to give back and thank them for their economic contributions.

Need some more convincing?

If you’re not all the way convinced you should mark your calendar on the 9th of June to celebrate with a food tour before the hometown festivities, here’s one reason for each of the infamous ladies of the “Monterey 5:”

  1. You can eat the same food used during the filming of the show before you watch the premiere.

  2. It’s an excuse to drink wine all day.

  3. There will be locations unrivaled anywhere else in the world.

  4. There will be local business owners and extras from the show who can talk about their experiences.

  5. There’s a red carpet. Come on, now.

See you all on June 9, and make sure to prepare yourself for this season’s madness while you’re at it. We know we’ll be tuning in to find out what happens!

Just remember, this could be you…

Just remember, this could be you…