Farmer's Markets on the Monterey Peninsula

Did you know that you can attend a farmer's market everyday of the week on the Monterey Peninsula?


Pacific Grove Certified Farmers Market• 3-7pm, 3-6pm winter • Central and Grand



Old Monterey Marketplace• 4-8pm summer, 4-7pm winter • Alvarado Street

Carmel Farmers Market • 9am-1pm (May-September) • Barnyard Shopping Center



Natividad Certified Farmers Market• 11am-3:30­pm (May-Oct) • 1441 Constitution Blvd.

Outdoor Market at the Rodeo•4pm-8pm • Salinas Sports Complex• 1034 N. Main Street



Carmel-by-the-Sea Certified Farmers Market• 10­am-2pm • Sixth at Devendorf Park



Monterey Farmers Market at Monterey Peninsula College• 10am-2pm • 930­ Fremont Street

Salinas Valley Memorial Certified Farmers' Market• 1:30pm - 5:30pm (May-October)•450 East Romie Lane


Downtown Salinas Saturday Certified Farmers Market •9am-2pm • Gabilan Street 



Del Monte Certified Farmers Market• 8am-noon (May-October) • 1410­ Del Monte Center

Marina Everyone’s Harvest Certified Farmers Market• 10­am-2pm • 215 Reservation Road

Carmel Valley Certified Farmers' Market•10pm-3pm • 25 Ford Road