There’s a haunted History Behind the streets and buildings of Old Monterey…

Eat your way through it with Monterey Bay Food Tours’ Exclusive Haunted Feast!

October brings forth a slough of pumpkins, an abundance of candy, and a plethora of costumes all to prepare for one of America’s most popular holidays: Halloween.

If you’re looking for something to do on this supernatural night, we’ve got just the thing:

Join us on our Haunted Monterey Food Tour!

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What is a Haunted Monterey Food Tour?

Thanks so much for asking!

We’re running a festive, Halloween-themed evening food tour on Halloween night that follows a similar path to our daytime Old Monterey Food Tour.

Hop along this extended, 2.5 mile tour that showcases even more locations in the downtown area, covers the highlights of the downtown spooks, and introduces some brand-new spots! (Well, new to us at least.)

While we can’t promise any actual ghosts, what we can say is if we do, think more Casper, less IT. Monterey has plenty of haunted history, but most everybody who reports sightings and experiences claims the presences to be friendly, not malevolent. Perhaps they’ll join us for a beer (or two) and we can determine that for ourselves!

I’m so down! What time, where and how much are we talking?

Heck yeah! We hope you’re as stoked as we are!

You can meet as at the flagpole near the start of Fisherman’s Wharf II near the Custom House. Our tour guide won’t be wearing the normal Food Tours gear, so we’ll make sure to send you details of the costume to look for before the event itself.

As for the time, we think around 6 should do the trick. That’s just about what time the sun goes down :). Give us three-and-a-half, maybe four hours of your time and let’s celebrate together!

Ticket prices run at $99 (and go up weekly as we get closer to the main event!) and will cover all food, drinks (and yes, we do mean “drinks”), and gratuities in some of downtown’s most popular and reputable restaurants, breweries, wineries, and small businesses.

Come prepared to get down with the undead, because we’re all set to stuff you full of great food, unique drinks, unbeatable locations, and chilling facts about the darker side of Monterey’s history.

A few things we’d recommend you remember:

  • If you’ve been on our regular Old Monterey Food Tour, there may be a few areas you recognize. We promise — there’s more to these buildings than what we’ve already told you! We’ll reveal which buildings have hidden tombs and treasures, where people have reported their ghostly sightings, and discuss Monterey’s phantom presences as we follow along a winding path of haunted happenings! To cap it off, we’ve also added some new partners for this special night, so we’ll delve even deeper into Monterey’s eateries!

  • To follow up on our previous note, we also want to remind you that, although similar to our Old Monterey Food Tour, this tour is longer and covers some areas of inclined terrain. While our daytime tour accommodates strollers and wheelchairs, the darkness of the night tour (even with our flashlights), the extended amount of walking, and the few areas where those who have difficulties on inclines may struggle could make this tour harder to enjoy. We’re still running our normal tour that day, so we can always sprinkle in some ghostly facts for you there so you don’t feel too left out!

  • We will be eating (and occasionally drinking)… a lot. We’ve arranged 3 different restaurant stops, 3 different tastings, and 14 (rumored) haunted buildings throughout downtown Monterey to spend this spooky night.

  • Many of the areas are still well-lit, but some may be harder to see. We’ll have a few flashlights already, but feel free to bring one of your own if you’d like!

  • Also, please dress up! This is Halloween, and we’ve got some merch to give away for the best costume!!

  • We have limited space, so be sure to reserve your spot while it’s still available! Plus, the price goes up every week, so why wait?

  • See you there!

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