7 Spectacular Coffee Shops in Downtown Monterey

7 Spectacular Coffee Shops in Downtown Monterey

We all need a caffeine boost every once in a while, but coffee shops, like restaurants, sprout up around every corner, and mixed reviews always bless and curse non-corporate chains.

When you’re in Monterey, don’t waste your time looking for a Starbucks or a Peet’s. Below, we’ve put together the best (and locally-owned) coffee options the downtown area offers.

Revival Ice Cream Gives Back as it Shapes Ice Cream’s Future

Revival Ice Cream Gives Back as it Shapes Ice Cream’s Future

Ice cream is something you can find in any country, unlike specific foods that can only be enjoyed in certain regions. Making ice cream is simple and something that can be done easily at home, but nowadays has been commercialized and filled with so many additives and artificial flavors that we don’t even know what proper ice cream tastes like anymore.

Enter Revival Ice Cream.

Monterey Bay Food Tours Changes How to See Monterey

Monterey Bay Food Tours Changes How to See Monterey

by Andrew J. Stillman

Looking for something to do in Monterey Bay? How about a food tour?

Trudging through the lists of Monterey Bay eateries is a job within itself, and picking the right food options can make or break a vacation or night out.

Most people stick to review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp to make their assumptions based on customer reviews. However, a mix-and-match of customer voices can make the right choices harder to come by. Thankfully, people out there like Casey Aguilar of Monterey Bay Food Tours take it upon themselves to show you your options.

Farmer's Markets on the Monterey Peninsula

Did you know that you can attend a farmer's market everyday of the week on the Monterey Peninsula?


Pacific Grove Certified Farmers Market• 3-7pm, 3-6pm winter • Central and Grand



Old Monterey Marketplace• 4-8pm summer, 4-7pm winter • Alvarado Street

Carmel Farmers Market • 9am-1pm (May-September) • Barnyard Shopping Center



Natividad Certified Farmers Market• 11am-3:30­pm (May-Oct) • 1441 Constitution Blvd.

Outdoor Market at the Rodeo•4pm-8pm • Salinas Sports Complex• 1034 N. Main Street



Carmel-by-the-Sea Certified Farmers Market• 10­am-2pm • Sixth at Devendorf Park



Monterey Farmers Market at Monterey Peninsula College• 10am-2pm • 930­ Fremont Street

Salinas Valley Memorial Certified Farmers' Market• 1:30pm - 5:30pm (May-October)•450 East Romie Lane


Downtown Salinas Saturday Certified Farmers Market •9am-2pm • Gabilan Street 



Del Monte Certified Farmers Market• 8am-noon (May-October) • 1410­ Del Monte Center

Marina Everyone’s Harvest Certified Farmers Market• 10­am-2pm • 215 Reservation Road

Carmel Valley Certified Farmers' Market•10pm-3pm • 25 Ford Road



Food, drink, and great company are what weddings are all about. I spent weeks thinking about who would cater my wedding, what drinks would be unforgettable, and who I would invite. My now husband of 10 years and I spent countless hours and arguments deciding what experience we would give our guests.

At last we landed on our favorite Indian restaurant who catered non-traditional wedding fare full of delicious chicken curry, lentils, basmati rice, nan and a lamb biryani. Our guests were a little surprised, but after having the first taste they couldn’t say enough about the vendor and wanted to know where they could go for more. For drinks, we took it island-style with fresh mojitos; we were in Georgia, in the summer, and my father had what seemed to be an endless supply of mint growing in his garden. The selection of food and drinks were a hit. It was a memorable event and the most unforgettable day of my life, other than the birth of my children!  


Upon starting Monterey Bay Food Tours, I wanted my guests to experience food, drink, and company the way I did on my wedding day. Recently, we hosted a bachelorette party on an Old Monterey Tour. I made sure the party had an unforgettable experience. The party enjoyed Indian food with a white wine pairing at Aabha Indian Grill, local vinegars and olive oils from Monterey’s Tasty Olive Bar, authentic third generation Greek cuisine with Greek white wine at Epsilon Greek Restaurant, organic ice cream with locally sourced ingredients at Revival Ice Cream, the only Monterey Jack made in Monterey County from Schoch Family Farmstead and wine from a small batch local wine maker, Comanche Cellars, ending at a local co-op art gallery, Venture Gallery.  

comanche venture bachelorette arty.JPG

Contact Monterey Bay Food Tours for your wedding events from bachelor parties featuring a stop at the oldest tobacco shop in California, Hellam’s Tobacco Shop, to bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, or any other food, drink, and great company event having to do with your wedding. We promise to make this an unforgettable experience just like my wedding!

Sustainability and Monterey Bay Food Tours

As a mother of four, I have a responsibility to leave behind a world in which the next generation can live and enjoy the way we have been lucky enough to. After moving to Monterey and deciding to start Monterey Bay Food Tours, I have tried to incorporate partners who share this vision, are environmentally conscious, and want to preserve the beauty the Central Coast has to offer.  

Revival Ice Cream, one of our original partners, epitomize this ideology sourcing their products locally from the likes of MEarth, a middle school garden sharing the vision with future generations. Revival uses re-usable tasting spoons and sells re-usable stainless steel pints that get you a $2 discount on pint refills. All of their cleaning products are 100% natural as their philosophy includes “living within the resources of the planet without damaging the environment now or in the future.”  

revival tray of sundaes.png

Schoch Family Farmstead, one of our more recent additions, follows the same philosophy and provide the only Monterey Jack cheese still produced in Monterey County. Their cheese aging cellar relies on the naturally cold and high humidity in the air that they capture every night, which almost eliminates the need for artificial cooling and humidification. Most of the runoff from the operation is captured and utilized as irrigation water later in the season. The irrigation for the entire operation is mostly gravity-fed eliminating the need for electricity. One of the most unique practices is “spoon feeding” the nutrients the cows produce into the irrigation system to naturally fertilize the pastures without the need for synthetic fertilizers.  

schoch venture comanche.JPG

Ratel Cider, a local cider producer who makes ciders with close to zero residual sugars, source most of their fruit from orchards who use no fertilizers, but instead leave fallen fruit on the ground to go back into the soil keeping it fertile and nutrient rich.  

ratel kyle melville.JPG

One of our most unique spots is the historic Joseph Boston Store, run by volunteers from the Historic Garden League.They are very committed to sustainability by offering an array of hand-made, artisan products and organic food products made by local residents of Monterey County.  

boston store displays.JPG

Another extremely unique partner who defines sustainability is Green Pedal Couriers. They deliver Heirloom Pizza to Fieldwork Brewery during our walking food tour. Green Pedal Couriers deliver food from 12 various restaurants around Monterey all the way to Carmel by bicycle.  

green pedal heirloom fieldwork.JPG

Join us on a Monterey Bay Food Tour to try some of these local sustainable offerings, reducing the carbon foot-print, and learning more about our partners while taking in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, the California Central Coast.