7 Spectacular Coffee Shops in Downtown Monterey

7 Spectacular Coffee Shops in Downtown Monterey

We all need a caffeine boost every once in a while, but coffee shops, like restaurants, sprout up around every corner, and mixed reviews always bless and curse non-corporate chains.

When you’re in Monterey, don’t waste your time looking for a Starbucks or a Peet’s. Below, we’ve put together the best (and locally-owned) coffee options the downtown area offers.

Revival Ice Cream Gives Back as it Shapes Ice Cream’s Future

Revival Ice Cream Gives Back as it Shapes Ice Cream’s Future

Ice cream is something you can find in any country, unlike specific foods that can only be enjoyed in certain regions. Making ice cream is simple and something that can be done easily at home, but nowadays has been commercialized and filled with so many additives and artificial flavors that we don’t even know what proper ice cream tastes like anymore.

Enter Revival Ice Cream.

Monterey Bay Food Tours Changes How to See Monterey

Monterey Bay Food Tours Changes How to See Monterey

by Andrew J. Stillman

Looking for something to do in Monterey Bay? How about a food tour?

Trudging through the lists of Monterey Bay eateries is a job within itself, and picking the right food options can make or break a vacation or night out.

Most people stick to review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp to make their assumptions based on customer reviews. However, a mix-and-match of customer voices can make the right choices harder to come by. Thankfully, people out there like Casey Aguilar of Monterey Bay Food Tours take it upon themselves to show you your options.

Farmer's Markets on the Monterey Peninsula

Did you know that you can attend a farmer's market everyday of the week on the Monterey Peninsula?


Pacific Grove Certified Farmers Market• 3-7pm, 3-6pm winter • Central and Grand



Old Monterey Marketplace• 4-8pm summer, 4-7pm winter • Alvarado Street

Carmel Farmers Market • 9am-1pm (May-September) • Barnyard Shopping Center



Natividad Certified Farmers Market• 11am-3:30­pm (May-Oct) • 1441 Constitution Blvd.

Outdoor Market at the Rodeo•4pm-8pm • Salinas Sports Complex• 1034 N. Main Street



Carmel-by-the-Sea Certified Farmers Market• 10­am-2pm • Sixth at Devendorf Park



Monterey Farmers Market at Monterey Peninsula College• 10am-2pm • 930­ Fremont Street

Salinas Valley Memorial Certified Farmers' Market• 1:30pm - 5:30pm (May-October)•450 East Romie Lane


Downtown Salinas Saturday Certified Farmers Market •9am-2pm • Gabilan Street 



Del Monte Certified Farmers Market• 8am-noon (May-October) • 1410­ Del Monte Center

Marina Everyone’s Harvest Certified Farmers Market• 10­am-2pm • 215 Reservation Road

Carmel Valley Certified Farmers' Market•10pm-3pm • 25 Ford Road